Google Cardboard enabled virtual reality, with full freedom of movement


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Feb 25, 2016
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Space VR demo for Cardboard APP

This application allows the wearer of a Google Cardboard headset to explore a 3D virtual reality world. The player has full control over attitude, speed and direction of movement.

It is suitable for devices with no gyroscope, the Moto G for example, as it instead employs the device's compass for attitude control.

While the app requires the Cardboard headset, it does not use the Cardboard API and does utilise the device's native compass for orientation purposes, rather than the gyroscope. This means that the magnet in the Cardboard headset will likely need to be removed since it can affect the device's compass readings from several centimetres away. In this app, you tap the device or nod your head instead of flicking that magnet.

Requires: Google Cardboard headset (minus the magnet), accelerometer (most Android devices), compass. No ads and no internet connection required.

Credits to NASA and ESA for the models and space sounds, and to Chris Hadfield for the space singing. Given that they were freely available, so in turn will this app.
Major tools used: Libgdx, Eclipse, OpenGL, Blender, FBXCONV.
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