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Oct 25, 2021

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The SPace application is a control utility software to configure GNSS receivers from a tablet or smartphone. SPace will also manage the connection of the GNSS receiver to correction service using the wireless resources of the tablet or smart phone.
By combining GNSS receivers with Android smart phones or tablets any 3rd party application running on the smart phone or tablet will benefit from the position
available from the GNSS receiver with much greater accuracy than the one provided by the internal GPS. This location with higher accuracy can be obtained by 3rd party
applications through Android mock location framework option.
With Space application, GIS users have the ability to use their preferred GIS application and run it on their preferred Android mobile device, whatever it is, and still benefit from the best of Trimble GNSS technology.
•Open solution
•Accuracy on many mobile devices
•Straight forward integration with any GIS application
•High accuracy GIS
•Scalable from mapping to full RTK accuracy
•Trimble RTX correction services support (over IP or L-band )
•Ready to use
•SPace control application for all required GNSS settings (free of charge)
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