Spaceship Repair APK

Alien apocalypse? Just alien invasion in spaceship repair & auto mechanic game

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedJan 06, 2017 (4 years ago)
Developer2D Fun Club
CategoryGames, Casual

Do you want an alien apocalypse or space invasion? A bit of Armageddon?
Welcome this amazing spaceship repair game in the Repairing game series by 2D Fun Club. The success of office repair – builder game, cycle repair mechanic shop & computer repair shop has been massive. Spaceship repair is going to be another hit with repairing & cleanup players! Ever had extraterrestrial contact? Not counting ET in the childhood!! Play this auto mechanic alien space shuttle repair game & help the cute little alien escape from the unknown planet. Who knows what lurks in the shadows? Get your defense & weaponry ready to avoid any alien vs predator or alien invasion by creepy alien scenario.

Play a new alien invasion & attack series in fixing & mechanic series
You knew it was dangerous to fly your ufo in space over unknown planets! But you did it anyway! Now you’re in danger. Get out and fix all the broken pieces of the space ship in this fixing and repair game. Carpentry games, players cycle repairing, tool games and auto mechanic games have made you an expert little repairman. Now you can help the crazy cute alien to fix his space car & end his rebel strike. Aliens drive me crazy, don’t they? Ha-ha it’s a chaotic game but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist or a zombie shooter to beat the bad guys. You just need to have your repairing supplies and cleaning tools. All will be well in the space cleaning day once you fix the space shuttle & give it a test drive.

How to drive a crazy cute alien spaceship?
By playing this game, how else! The time of creepy aliens has ended, welcome the cutest aliens to the new planet & help them fix their spaceship like pro mechanic & wave them goodbye for their journey back to space where the astronauts are trying to take over!! Ancient aliens are going to do a rebel strike and this cute alien is needed urgently! Play this awesome spaceship repairing game & fall in love with the cute space creatures & amazing graphics!

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