Description: SpaceWars Combat Dogfight 3D - Free APK

Version1.6 (200016)
UpdatedDec 24, 2019 (3 months ago)
Release dateApr 19, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Fight AI drone ships, friends, others online in this free MMO space fight game

Space Combat Dogfight 3D is an online multiplayer space game that allows players to fight each other or to fight artificially intelligent drone ships. Players meet in a lobby and can chat to set up a game. Players creating games can allow others to join or only allow themselves into the game. If there are multiple players in the game fighting each other, they will still have to contend with drone ships in the fight as well. Games can be restricted to certain players via password or open to all players if desired. Up to 3 players can enter into a battle at a time. The number of drone ships increases as your score increases.

Future iterations of the game will allow for purchasing ship upgrades and for more powerful enemies.

Directions on how to play can be found on the website

You can also find them by selecting the "?" on the Lobby screen in the game.

Get online and join the battle now!

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