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Innovative App to improve awareness of multi-sectoral public-domain datasets.

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UpdatedMar 28, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperWorld Bank
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This innovative App has been developed by the World Bank to improve awareness of the growing collection of global public-domain datasets useful for those interested in development issues. It helps access and visualize multi-sectoral spatial and temporal data from a range of institutions by drawing upon their map and data services. An amazing array of information puts the world in your hands!

Solutions to many of the existing and evolving development challenges faced across the globe are hampered by the poor availability of critical spatial and temporal data. There are many new high-quality datasets (e.g. from earth observation and systematic collation and analysis of national data) available from a number of institutions (e.g. UN agencies, NASA, NOAA, CIESIN, IRI, The World Bank, etc.) that still are little-known especially in the developing world. The World Bank has committed to improving data transparency and open data platforms, including the enhanced use of mobile App platforms for promoting sustainable development that have benefitted from a series of World Bank Apps and App competitions organized by the World Bank.

The “Spatial Agent” Mobile App has been developed to take advantage of new capabilities to visualize this growing range of spatial and temporal development-related data on mobile platforms. The App demonstrates a simple but extremely powerful approach to visualize a range of public-domain spatial datasets through interactive maps and charts to allow for data visualization at different scales and ranges. The approach literally puts the globe in the users hands and allows one to access a burgeoning group of public-domain multi-sectoral datasets (including at global, regional, and national levels) being developed for use by various development-related institutions and governments across the world. So whether you are interested in water resources or climate change, disaster management or general development, this is a must-have App for you! The simplicity of use and wealth of information is sure to appeal to you – whether you are a student, development professional, or a Minister!

All the questions that enquiring minds want to know are now at your fingertips:
Which areas in the Middle-East have experienced rain in the last 3 hours? What does the global snow cover look like today? What is the population distribution in the Sahel? How have humans changed the landscape globally since 1700? What is the seasonal and year-to-year precipitation pattern in Entebbe? Which areas in the Caspian Sea have high chlorophyll concentration? What is the difference in the climate model projections for rainfall in the next century across models? Which areas are susceptible to earthquakes in Chile? Which areas in India have high child malnutrition? Which areas in Madagascar are susceptible to potential flooding? Where are the protected areas in Tanzania? How does Vietnam's GDP per capita growth compare with that of Ethiopia in recent years? What is the current level of the Aswan reservoir and Lake Victoria? How fast is the population in Lagos rising? How do the Niger Basin countries compare in terms of the % women in their parliaments? Which areas of eastern Asia have recently experienced Category 5 tropical cyclones? The list is endless…

We do hope you like this first release of this product - please do use the information with caution as many datasets are still evolving. Please do send us your suggestions for improvement, and especially new public-domain data services or functionality that you would like us to feature!

Email: worldbankmobile@gmail.com

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