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Version1.00 (3)
UpdatedOct 04, 2013 (8 years ago)
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Welcome to Speak with Guru.
Speak with Guru is an useful and fun application base on smart elements of an artificial intelligence.
Here you can play with voice recognition module and operate your device by your own voice.

You can ask Guru questions about life, meaning of life, love, romance, money, advice, business, the future or anything else that can be answered with Yes or No questions and more!
Actually, you can try manage conversation (small talk) with fake robot, ask Guru some questions about life, death, war, fears, failures, success, joke, and more like:
What is the time?
What is the date?
What is your name?
What is your age?
Talk to Guru as you talk to your friend and he will answer you politely.
For exit this app. just say bye bye :)

How to use:
To see the commands list click on the icon with the question mark on the main screen.
or just press on speak button and say: "Show voice commands"' or say:"Show commands list"
Say: "Open computer"' to operate the Calculator.
You will find that you can control your device with your own voice.
For example: press on speak button and say: "phone number 991'
To open Web say: "'Search Something" or say: "'Tell Me About something"
To open the Preference say: "'Change voice" or "Open settings"
To open the Camera say: "Open the Camera".
To open the eMail say : Open email" or "Open gmail"
To open Facebbok say:" Open facebook"
To open google Map say: "Open map""
To see the time say: "What is the time" or open "the clock"
To see the date say: "What is the date"
To get some advices say: "Advice me"
To get some joke say: "Tell me a joke"
To operete the vibrator say: "Shake it"
To exit say: "Bye Bye"

And more.. just try it!

Guru is a fun application. Do not take what he says seriously!

You can create one question and answers of your own. Your answer will appear only if there is no specific answer. to do it open the preference.

You can control the voice speech rate and the voice pitch of the text to speech (TTS).
You can call dail by your voice home after you set your home phone on the preference screen.

Speak with Guru - suitable for a social game and as a fun game for all the family!

This version - only for english lanquage device base on google voice recognition.

Created by Androcalc
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