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Mar 15, 2017
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Speaking Clock: TellMeTheTime APP

Tell Me The Time provides a speaking clock and a talking night clock. This app tells you the current time, when you are currently not able to take a look on your clock, for example if you ride by bicycle or by motorcycle, drive a car or you lying in the morning in your bed and want to know what time it is and if you can continue sleeping.

This speaking clock app is ideal for all biker, bicyclist, car driver, sports person, visually impaired persons or all persons who are currently not able to take a look on their watch.

An announcement of time can be trigger from the speaking clock automatically in a selected time interval or by pressing the headset button, by shaking the device or by wiping your hand over the proximity sensor of the phone. With the special night clock mode, you do not need to open your eyes, just wave your hand over the phone and the time will be announced. Additionally in this mode the screen can be activated and the time can be displayed.

A time announcement can be triggered by:
- a selected time interval
- pressing the headset button
- wiping with your hand over the proximity sensor
- shaking the device
- power button
The time can be announced in a system independent volume.
The format and the style of the speaking clock is individual adjustable.
The text and background colors of the nightstand clock are free configurable.
The night clock automatically starts when the mobile device is connected to a power supply.

IMPORTANT! A text-to-speech engine must be installed, like for example Google TTS, IVONA TTS, Vocalizer TTS or SVOX Classic TTS. The TTS engine is not part of this application and can be downloaded from the Play Store. The quality of the voice depends from the installed TTS engine.

Support & Feedback If you have any trouble by using this app, please send me an e-mail with a description of your problem. I will try to fix these issue as soon as possible.
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