Special Forces Crime Group Army Commando APK

Play as special forces warfare agent army attack game terrorist encounter 2018

Get ready to Aim shoot & kill in one of the best free FPS US Army Survival attack game. Get the special forces counter war action pack deadly war gameplay. Take your shotgun, machine gun, and sniper gun out and fight this ww2 combat warfare and additional world war against the terrorists in this free action game with US army's special commando attack mission. You are a special ops delta force agent and special forces groups agent and your target mission is the war against terror. You need to kill all evil enemies in this assassination survive and experience battle survival and your gun shooting skills from your US army training are now needed in this intense eventful swamp war environment with your modern army sniper shooter skills.

Your country needs you as you are us army world war 2 hero in this modern army sniper shooter warfare US Army shooting games: Special Forces Crime Agent game, Get hold to the aim and target with ultimate plague silent killer sniper special ops shooting mission in this US army world war 2 special forces groups game. Terrorists have attacked the airport. Airport security officers are not able to handle this terrorist war. Your skills and well equipped modern weapons with advanced combat guns like assault m4a1 rifles, SMG, and killer explosive and sniper guns some with while some of them can be bought from the store are enough to kill ruthless enemies and US mafia criminals.So start fighting against these enemies and terrorist and kill these thugs before they escape. their survival can be fatal for your nation.

Take your weapons and be a truly incredible shooting hunter against these war terrorists in this US Army shooting games: Special Forces Crime Agent brutal killer world war 2 games to assassinate terrorists and other gangsters & enemies hidden around and who escaped from the airport and wandering in the city. You need to take them all down in this US army Special forces counter terrorist attack game. Some of the terrorists are in the national oil refinery side and some of them are going towards other sensitive places of your country. Stop them and kill them with your modern sniper shooter skills in this US Army deadly survival combat world war 2 game.

Use your US army training excellent combat skills and kill all the terrorists show them your rampage fight special forces agent skills,find and destroy all the terrorists in this US army survival game.

So download and play this free action US army war gameplay having exciting world war 2 and thrilling Special forces special agent missions. and enjoy with different guns available for your survival in different mission tasks. Each mission is different in each modern US army survival game.

Special Forces Crime Group Army CommandoFeatures:

-Special FPS combat fight missions

-US Army airport survival missions
-Oil Refinery Attack Missions
-Realistic and fun Action gameplay
-Smooth controls
-Large Range of Weapons to chose from store
-Experience realistic combat gameplay
-Real battlefield HD environments
-Multiple Challenging shooting missions
-Amazing music Action sound effects

You are on Special Forces Mission and one of the serious peace lovers from the country.
Special Forces Crime Missions are planned to get rid of any criminal attack and gorrila shooting games against the terrorist agencies. Take your duties of a commander to fulfill duties are to fulfill the instructions of your head. Start your shoot against all the terrorists and help civilians as modern combat shooting.

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