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Spectacol, a free ZX Spectrum emulator

Version1.5.2.0 (641520)
UpdatedMar 02, 2019 (2 years ago)
DeveloperBogDan Vatra
CategoryGames, Arcade

Spectacol (in Romanian means show) is a free (GPL v3+) ZX Spectrum emulator based on FUSE Spectrum emulator(http://fuse-emulator.sf.net)

FUSE emulator has, by far, the richest ZX features list. Spectacol enables the following features:

- Loads all ZX Spectrum files
- Accurate 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A and +3 emulation
- Quick load & save snapshots. It is quite useful when you play games
- Easily select the Joystick type
- Poke finder, disassambler & inline assambler. Allows the user to crack the games and gain infinite lives quickly
- Last but not least, FUSE is very high-efficient, it needs only ~15% of CPU on a Nexus 10 to emulate your games

In addition to FUSE's features, Spectacol adds:
- Online search allows the user to access thousands of ZX Spectrum apps & games! The search results are downloaded locally and they can be used to start the games offline
- The UI is design with gamepad controls in mind. The user will be able to play all the games that support Joysticks using the gamepad.
- On screen numeric cursor (available only when a gamepad is present), allows the user to quickly start & control the games
- On Screen full/simplified 48K Keyboard needed when the numeric cursor is not enough
- On screen virtual Joystick (available only when no gamepad is present), allows the user to play the games

Be aware that, Spectacol is in BETA stage!
Please fell free to report bugs or ask for new features to https://github.com/bog-dan-ro/spectacol/issues or by using Menu->Help->Features and bugs

For more information please visit project page: https://github.com/bog-dan-ro/spectacol

This is an ad free application, please don't contact me to add any ads because I'm not going to do it!

What's New

- Implemented the new Android +6.0 (marshmallow) permissions model
- Updated Spectacol libs (Qt -> 5.12.1, Fuse 1.5.2)

Email: taipanromania@gmail.com

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