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By speed reading app, you are always one step ahead of others and can be proud of yourself. If you're an average reader, you must be looking for tools and ways to read faster and comprehend better. This powerful brain training app helps you in this way with a practical and step-by-step approach.

* * Speed Reading App Features **

✅ Daily test

In this section, there are twelve different daily units. The section organized with precise plan and it takes only twelve days !

✅ Individual training

This part is organized to observe and improve your abilities in five different aspects of reading skills. We strictly suggest you to spend more time on individual training items and expand your field of view.

✅ Reading Speed

The idea of quick reading is about read faster without sacrificing reading comprehension. To become a proper speed reader, it is essential to compare our reading rate. In this section, a short text will be shown and a timer starts counting. After reading the whole text and stopping the timer, reading speed will be shown to you in wpm (word per minute).

👉 The most important advantages of fast reading app :

▶️ Using a specific road map in 12 days
▶️ Showing progress chart
▶️ Automatic measurement of the reading speed
▶️ Recording the result of exercises and showing them as a progress chart
▶️ Eye-catching and beautiful graphics
▶️ Brain training

👉 With the skills of fast reading you will gain:

▶️ Increase your reading speed to more than 5 times
▶️ Always find the most important text in the text
▶️ Measuring your reading speed
▶️ Flexible eye movements
▶️ Improve photographic memory
▶️ Improved ability to concentrate
▶️ Increase Your Re-Fixation Speed
▶️ Minimize Regression (Re-Reading)
▶️ Improve your reading habits

👉Who can benefit from this app?

▶️ Those who want to make a quick changes in their reading approach
▶️ Those who have more books than time to read
▶️ Those who like to make a positive change in their lives by learning a new skill
▶️ Those who want to learn speed reading skill to reach their goals faster

👉Tips For How to Read Faster and How to Increase your Reading Speed :

Here are a few tips that you may find useful for increasing your reading speed.

▶️ Your efforts should to be consistent and dedicate frequent hours to improve your reading skills. It can be really hard if you are not sincere. Plus, if you don't understand how it works, you will not be able to achieve it.
▶️ Set benchmarks when you learn to read faster. Make a diary or excel sheet in your computer and note the time taken for every reading. Try to cut it down every time you read.
▶️ Get a book or novel, whatever interests you, and start reading it. Force yourself to read faster. You may miss some of the words in the beginning. After reading a particular chapter, try to comprehend it.

Speed Reading is not magic. It requires consistency and sincerity, and also unlearning some of our bad reading habits. Learning how to read faster is a skill that can be developed over a period of time.
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