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NameSpeedometer One APK
Version1.9.4 (27)
UpdatedSep 10, 2021
CategoryApps, Maps & Navigation

Speedometer One Speed Tracker app

Speedometer One is FREE speed tracker for every vehicle type with HUD mode

Turn your phone into a Speedometer with Speedometer One! Speedometer One is also suitable for cars, boats, motorcycles, or other types of vehicles. We have various features to make Speedometer the best speed tracker apps for android devices. We use GPS to track your speed and alert you when you are over the speed limit. There are other features that will be useful for you such as Night Mode, HUD screen, and many more.

Have you ever driven a car and worry that you go over the speed limit? Driving too fast can get you into trouble especially if there are some traffic cops nearby with their speed radar gun. That’s why we add Speed Limit Alert as one of the most important features on our app. You can enable and disable it. We support US and EU style speed limit signs and support different display units. This means that it will make it easier to drive when you visit the EU or the USA.

Aside from tracking your speed, Speedometer One also can track your distance, altitude, average speed, and top speed.


• Accurate Speedometer for Cars, Boats, Motorcycle or other types of Vehicles.
• Choose your units mph, km/h, or knots.
• Support Night Mode with high contrast on the screen.
• Support Landscape or Portrait Mode.
• Speed Limit Alert: Enable this option first
• HUD (Head Unit Display) Mode
• Supports USA and EU speed limit.
• Choose over 44 themes (22 dark and 22 light) through In-App Purchase.

When you use the HUD mode, you can put your phone on the dashboard near the windshield. Our app is very customizable, especially if you’ve unlocked our themes. You can choose the look and display according to your needs: your mood, eyesight, night or day. Our customization is what sets us apart from other similar apps. Try it for yourself today! It’s FREE so you can try it now and see how much you like it.


• To be able to use Speedometer One, please allow Location Services.
• Set what kind of vehicle you use and the max speed before using.
• Speedometer One requires GPS to work.
• Our speed tracker is based on GPS info. GPS sensor is not always accurate due to the device hardware sensor limitation. When in doubt, always rely on your car’s speedometer.
• GPS is most accurate when you are in wide open spaces. Trees, tall buildings, and other things might affect your GPS accuracy.
• Prolong use of GPS will affect your battery life.
• Please stay safe. Focus on the road ahead and do not interact with any device when you are driving, especially when you are driving at high speed.

Love Speedometer One! Give it a rating and review and don’t forget to share it to your friends and family! If you encounter a problem when using the app, please send us an email about it and we will work ASAP to fix it.
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