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Measure speed and distance while driving, cycling and similar kind of activities

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GPS based Speedometer can be used for measuring speed and distance while driving, cycling and for any other similar kind of activities where measurements of speed and distance are required . Speedometer app can be used as a substitute of a vehicle speedometer or odometer provided the GPS sensor of the mobile device reports correct measurements of device location. This speedometer app is optimized to filter out GPS readings when mobile device is sitting idle in order to give accurate readings of speed and distance.

Features of Speedometer App:
Current Speed in Kilometer per hour, Mile per hour or Knot based on speed unit selected by user.
Total distance covered in Kilometers, Miles or Nautical Miles based on speed unit selected by user.
Max/Top speed achieved.
Average Speed.
Duration/Time taken for the measurement of speed and distance.
Bar graph to display last six travelled Distance and Average Speed.
Color selection for text and background.
Speed limit warning alarm feature if the speed crosses the preset speed limit.
HUD mode to see mirror image of device screen on windshield or on similar object.
Compass feature.
Dedicated compass view along with True heading for pro version.
Floating window for Speed view.
Trip List to store trip information.
Separate Trip count and Total Distance save feature in case one is not interested in using Trip List.
Altitude with respect to mean sea level.
Location Info page to view live statistics about current location like satellites in view, satellites used in fix, latitude, longitude, altitude with respect to mean sea level, GPS accuracy, GPS Bearing and Address.
Double click on UI to switch off static Elements like speed, mph/kmph etc.

Important Note: Accuracy of different measurements like speed, distance, altitude, address etc. and implemented app optimizations depends on the accuracy of GPS hardware of the device. If the GPS hardware of the device gives frequent or large erroneous info about the position of the device then the measurements and optimizations may be wrong.

What's New

Stability fixes.

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