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Version1.1.1 (8)
UpdatedMay 30, 2016
DeveloperEric Courtès
CategoryApps, Sports

SpeeTrainer Pro app

Improve yourself, listening to your android device

SpeeTrainer Pro is an easy-to-use GPS tracker to help your sport training (running, cycling, sailing...).

It is very useful because it speaks giving you your instant or average speed when it changes. So, you can easily check how your speed is changing.

User interface:
- A first screen help you to prepare tracking and acquiring GPS signal.
- See graphical view of your instant and average speed.
- See graphical view of your track
- It speaks to say information when it changes (you don't need to see anything to know your speed).
- It displays current instant and average speed, distance and total time

In this Pro version :
- It can say your instant speed, your average speed, distance for a given time, time for a given distance and/or compass. Custom it!
- Save track file in formats GPX, CSV or Python data

In this application, speed is not the speed given by GPS, but a computed one to be more accurate at low speeds (due to this computation, there is a gap to 1 to 2 seconds to real speed).

If you want me to add new features, do not hesitate asking it in comment or send me an email.
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