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Spelling checker keyboard is everyday English usage to correct English spelling.

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UpdatedMay 14, 2019 (11 months ago)

The spelling checker keyboard is designed for everyday use of English writing to correct English scripts. You can now type anything you want to write, without having to worry about spelling mistakes, because writing spellcheck text on this keyboard will display all the spells in the keyboard's text box by tapping this word . The list is deleted. If you use this keyboard for spell checking, you can use the spell check feature of your keyboard for everyday use. The spellchecker is very easy to use. Finding the spelling of difficult words or phrases is no problem. With this keyboard for spell checking, you no longer need an English dictionary. Just enter the word and get the correct spelling.
The spellchecker is especially useful for those who send emails everyday from their smartphone. Now you do not have to worry about spelling or writing bad words. This spellcheck keyboard constantly checks the text. So, if you write an incorrect word, the correct spelling is suggested in a very short time. The suggestion contains the correct spelling and other related words that you can use. This spell checking application compares your text with the database, which is continually updated.
Get this free keyboard to check the spelling before sending your messages or emails to third parties and check the text when typing. You have no input to make, then check for errors. This spell checker also helps you learn the spelling of words and other words that you can use when typing.

The English language is one of the most important languages ​​for writing and speaking. If you do not know the correct spelling of words, you will not be able to write them correctly. Then the spell checker is the most important application of your smartphone. This spell checking application also helps children write words online or in a document.

Spell Checker keyboard is best for learning English words. When you enter wrong word then this spell checker will give suggestion to that wrong word and if you misspelled a word then a red line appeared.

You can Write, correct and enhance your text with this Spell Checker Keyboard, the ultimate and best writing app for your Android device.

Features of Spell Checker keyboard:
- Spell correction keyboard
- You can enable custom English keyboard inside the app
- You can type in any app
- Suggestion for all types of in correct spellings
- Fast spell detection
- Underline in correct spellings

Email: waxerapps@gmail.com

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1.1 (2) May 14, 2019

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1.1 (2)Jul 05, 2019

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