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Spinij - Find Local Fruit & Veg APK

Find local farms and buy fresh fruit & vegetables online.

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UpdatedJul 07, 2018 (3 years ago)
DeveloperSpinij Ltd
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Spinij is your online gateway to the UK's best local produce. It connects you directly with fruit and vegetable farmers or small suppliers in your area, offering an easy and ethical way of buying food. Everything you buy is grown or sourced, packed and shipped by your chosen farm or small supplier.

Spinij brings the latest cutting-edge technology to local businesses, designed to maximise profitability for farmers, minimise the miles food travels from farm to fork and bring you healthy fruit and veg at the best price.

In only a few simple steps on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer you can buy directly from your local farm and get healthy food delivered by your local farmer. Paying couldn't be easier and it takes just a few seconds to set up a repeat order. For those local businesses that don't deliver, a pick-up option is available so you can conveniently pre-order your veg box.

Whether you're at home, on a UK holiday or have moved to a new area, finding local fresh fruit and vegetables has never been easier.

Spinij is great for everyone, especially vegans, vegetarians and anyone who cares about the environment, likes helping small local businesses or who simply loves fruit & vegetables!


* FREE and easy to use.
* Search your local area.
* Find local shops and farms.
* Choice of suppliers.
* Buy fruit & veg online.
* Pick delivery days.
* Create repeat orders.
* View past orders.
* Save multiple addresses and cards.


* Helps farmers & local businesses.
* Eco-friendly.
* Great for vegans.
* Great for vegetarians.
* Reduces plastic-wrapping of food.
* Reduces miles food travels.
* Find local shops & farms when on a UK holiday.
* Convenient and saves time.

- A fair share for farmers -

For too long the supermarkets have had a stranglehold on farming. Fruit and veg travels from your local farm to the other end of the country (or another country), only to be processed by machines and rejected if it's wonky. Everything ends up looking the same and gets wrapped in plastic and delivered in plastic bags. Produce is chemically engineered, chemically treated, chemically cleaned and then chilled to within an inch of freezing to make it last long journeys. Farmers are paid a fraction of the retail cost and the bulk of the margin is swallowed up by the long-winded supply chain or the powerful supermarkets. In many cases, farmers end up with less than a third of the retail price for their produce.

When you buy through Spinij, 90% of every order is paid directly to the farmer or small supplier you've bought from, helping them earn a fair-share for the food they produce and regain the power. The power to choose their crops, to farm their land how they want, to serve their local communities and to engage with local people.


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