Spirit Level : Precise Level & Bubble Level Meter APK

Precise Level App. Spirit level measurement and ruler meter for Android devices.

Version1.0 (24)
UpdatedSep 06, 2020 (3 weeks ago)
DeveloperMusic Video Player 2020
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What’s the purpose of the bubble level and leveling tool app?
A bubble level is the best leveling tool. We’re providing a spirit level app for free. Now level up and level down with our surface measure tool. Also, you can use the clinometers level or plum level. You don’t have to buy expensive laser level or other measuring angel’s tool just installs our modern level meter app. This ruler free app helps you in angle finder & angle meter. For leveling tools, people use horizontal level tools and vertical level tools. For a horizontal angle, you can use a bubble level or precise level tool. This precise level meter gives you accurate real level meter results. Try the meter level bubble app for heavy construction and other purposes.
It’s a liquid bubble level tool that has a bubble in the tube. Now adjust the maximum level with level alliance & 2020 level app. This level app is best for measure surface. In level tool app we allow you to use auto level and floor level feature. The in-app leveling tool can be used for vertical surface & state-level boards. There are many levels but now you don’t have to do self-leveling. Our level app shows you an accurate position of slope level of floor level. Using measuring tape is a very old trend now using a ruler for the measure. In-case of Vertical angle use ruler level or different angel finder tool.
The main features of the bubble tool and precise level app:
• Bubble level: It’s a cool bubble level app. We giving you bubble level app free. This bubble level 2020 application is latest. You can use this bubble level app for android that shows you angle meter.

• Ruler level: It's a bubble level free app with angle meter. This spirit level made a simple app is totally free. Now adjust comes level or spirit level with the auto level app. In-app bubble meter features are free in all leveled looks.

• Angle meter: This level app allows you to find all levels. Bubble level app measure surface level with the level tool. Level up you’re comes level with bubble level free app.

• Pendulum bob: Find out the maximum level with this level meter app. This leveling tool is free to use like a plum level which is a free level bubble tool.

• Altitude: Bubble level app is a bubble level meter app. now set plum level & maximum level with this level app. Now set level with me with free bubble meter. In this spirit level app, all leveling tools are free.

• Protector: For better use of angle finder tool use protector feature which is totally free. Measurement tool like this becomes very easy to use bubble level tool with this measurement app.

• Room Temperature: This spirit bubble level app gives you many bubble meter level features. You can find our room atmosphere with bubble level 2020, useful tool.

• Lux Meter: Measuring app already gives you rule measure and other leveling tools. Bubble level app is the best spirit level and precise level app.

• Compass: This level precise app is going to amaze you with the level bubble app. In-app compass features solve level all problems. This spirit level made simple work for all.

• G-meter: This measuring app allows you to do all measurements through all measurement angles. A free spirit level is the best leveling bubble app that is best at the floor level.

• Length: This free level app can also work on the surface level and vertical surface. Measure the plum level and all leveling bubble levels with the clinometers level app.

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