Dive into super hero spongebob life in bikini bottom

Dive into super hero spongebob life in bikini bottom . run and play with super hero sponge bob ,patrick, squidward, sandy, krab and many other familiar faces . get ready for the combat
Spongebob: Super Sponge Adventure is an awesome platformer kids game and run adventure game about super hero spongebob against his enemies : mrsquidward and the evil plankton and krab in the bikini bottom . not a dash game
All the superpowers combined in a single super hero sponge bob the only hope of humanity in this combat
Besides the super powers use all the kinds of weaponry and try to avoid missiles with your superhero mobility . why be a super hero when you can be an ultra super spongebob
play store if full of adventure games but its hard to find a free super adventure game that combine the great design and the fun gameplay and free at the same time .
thats why we offer you this spongebob super hero adventure game for free . download this free game and collect as many gold as you can in tthe bikini bottom and try to end all the 8 levels

How to play Spongebob: Super Sponge Adventure:

this game is easy to play you only need to control super hero spongbob and kill the enemys
right button : make spongebob run forward
left button : make spongebob run backward
up button : make spongebob jump
down button : make spongebob go down
stone button : throw a little weaponry ston to kill the enemys

spongebob has the power to run and kill the monsters by throwing stones on them to maximize the score , be carefull because some enemys have weaponry and traps so make sure you fly with your super hero power and dodge them
collect the gold as you can and finish the 8 levels in bikini bottom as fast as you can.
Features :

► Simple and easy
► Fun to play
► Best game for kids
► 8 different levels/worlds
► Awsome graphic
► best super hero spongbob game
► Amazing gameplay
►SPONGEBOB RUN: Explore Bikini Bottom in an action-packed endless running game
►Race against your friends and fellow runners from around the world
► Create your own collection of SpongeBob,Patrick and Mr.squidward.


Dont forget to leave us rating and review to let us know what you think about this game . and we will continue to deliver some of the best and most fun adventure games for your Android . your feedback is realy important for us to acheive this game and developpe our games to be more fun and more satisfaying
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