Find and Kill the Murderer in your group of Spies


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Jul 31, 2020
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The newest .io game on the market!
However, this isn't your typical .io game.
No, this .io game has a unique twist to it... is an intense online multiplayer detective-based shooter will have you gripping the edge of your seat!

In this intense online multiplayer detective-based shooter, your primarily goal is to find who the Murderer is, and to kill them. This online multiplayer game picks 1 person to start out to be the Murderer, while everyone is a Spy. The Spies need to find and kill the murderer, in which doing so they can become the next Murderer. Also, Spies cannot kill other Spies, so as a Spy in this online multiplayer adventure, you must choose carefully who you shoot before you do. The Murderer can be identified as he is killing all the other Spies, and once he does, his eyes turn red for a split second.
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