Starry Sky Screen Locker App APK

Lock up your phone screen with stunning starry sky wallpapers

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UpdatedMar 29, 2017 (3 years ago)
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☆ Looking up at the sky can be fun and wonderful experience, but have you ever wonder what's out there? Now you can learn the night sky and the stars thanks to this incredible ★Starry Sky Screen Locker App★ free of charge! Discover the most amazing collection of “starry sky” lock screen themes and pick the one you like the most to decorate your phone screen. Let yourself get lost in a multitude of countless twinkling stars, and you'll be hypnotized by these “lock screen wallpapers”! Don't wait anymore – get this awesome “screen locker app” and turn your smartphone into a powerful device!


☆ How to set your new screen lock wallpaper:

1. Check the 'Enable lock screen' box;
2. Enter your password and then reenter the same password for confirmation;
3. Now you can customize your lock screen design!

☆ Choose your favorite “starry night” theme;
☆ An incredible array of stars and constellation wallpapers to decorate your screen;
☆ After you have selected your favorite background, enter an access code to unlock your device;
☆ Throw in some cool decoration – planets, meteor shower, comets, shining stars and so on!
☆ Easy navigation with fast browsing option;
☆ Turn the date on/off;
☆ Choose the date format on display;
☆ Choose between a 12 and 24-hour system;
☆ Show or hide battery status;
☆ Choose the swipe style: swipe up, down, left or right;
☆ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarm reminder and other notifications on your lock screen slider;
☆ ★Starry Sky Screen Locker App★ helps you to can make your device both beautiful and protected!


☆ Are you interested in observing stars? Want to become a stargazer? Sometimes stargazing requires extra effort, such as watching the weather forecast and other stuff. You can avoid all of that, and get for free this astonishing ★Starry Sky Screen Locker App★. Find out the best collection of “lock screen themes” inspired by dozens of glittering stars ready to embellish your phone screen in a sec! Imagine that you're spending the night under the stars with your soul mate, and gaze at your display that twinkles and sparkles. Don't let anyone fool you! Your smartphone can be secured now thanks to this cool “lock screen app”! The only thing that you need to do is to select your favorite starry sky design, and to lock up your display with a password! In that way, your device's data will be safe, and no one will be able to unlock your touch screen without your permission.

☆ Stargazing allows us to become familiar with the stars of the night sky. If you finding hard to look for the North star, just explore our gallery and discover plenty of lock screen wallpapers inspired by realistic images of a constellation and celestial bodies. Countless wonders are waiting for you to discover them in this night sky “lock screen password” app! Get informed about your battery status and choose your favorite swipe option to unlock your phone screen as soon as you type your access code. With the help of ★Starry Sky Screen Locker App★ you can daydream and relax while looking at the twinkling stars whenever you unlock your device.

☆ Throw your old screen locker away, and discover the best “app for locking” screen for free! Here you can find the most mesmerizing sky wallpapers with the images of glittering astral bodies! Prettify your device with various starry night themes and we promise that you'll never be bored by looking at its display ever again!

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