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Get ready to hide In shadows, because heavily armed Ai Bots are looking for you.

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UpdatedJan 14, 2021 (4 days ago)
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Get ready to hide in the shadows. Heavily armed Ai Bots are looking for you.
If you like stealth games in which you have to make your way toward the end of the level in a Stealthy way, then welcome to Stealth Isolation Game!

You are going to take the core stealth experience In the purest form of a stealth game. You have to collect the key card and make your way towards the panel, To open the exit gate. But it won't be easy when heavily armed robotic guards are patrolling in the Levels. Although you can hide in the shadows, you can't stay in the shadows forever. You will have to come out of shadows when the area is clear. Don't worry about being seen in the shadows. The stealth Indicator will always be shown and keep indicating if you are visible in the shadows or not. But if they saw you, there is nothing that can save you from them. You must have used your stealth skills to sneak behind the bots to get across the Levels. You can also distract the bots with noisemakers. Oh, I Forgot to Tell There are laser traps too. Don't Touch Them, these traps can instantly ruin your plans and strategies!

-Stealth Isolation game features
-Hide in shadows
-3D style graphics
-(TPP)Third Person Perspective view in Isometric Style
-Sneak behind the enemy in the most stealth way possible!
-Deadly rotating lasers
-Distract the enemies with fake sound makers!

Last but not least.
Some Tips!
-Don't forget to use Noise Makers. Can be very helpful in Difficult Situations
-Shadows are your best friend. Use the shadows the way you want. Make your path Toward the way where there are more shadows available!
-Don't Rush when it comes to on Moving Platforms and lasers.
-Stealth tip for you
(Sneak behind The bots in the crouch position. So they won't be able to hear your foot Step!)

There Will Be More Level Available Soon With New Exciting Features.

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