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The design and performance monitoring of any steam turbine cycle as well as processes that utilize steam as a medium for heating essentially involve the calculations with the various thermodynamic and transport properties of steam and water. A Steam Table is always a handy tool for any Thermodynamics practitioner. Students undergoing a Mechanical Engineering curriculum cannot escape the tricky calculation of the properties using a hard copy of the Steam Tables.

With the long experience of working in a Steam Turbine Development Center by one of the developers of this product, most of the requirements that arise to a practicing engineer have been incorporated into this application. Students of Mechanical Engineering will certainly find in this tool a great relief from the nitty-gritty ways of finding a property from the regular printed formats. The latest of the IAPWS (International Association for Properties of Water and Steam) formulation IF-97 have been used to generate the various properties. The calculations has been rigorously tested and verified. Some calculations close to the critical values of pressure and temperature may show small deviations. We welcome your feedback and suggestions

Features of Steam Table App
1. Easy and intuitive interface
2. A variety of combinations of input parameters
3. Covers a wide range of pressure & temperature
4. Covers Pressure from triple point (0.000611 MPa) to 100 MPa (1000 bar) for temperature <= 800 degree Celsius
5. Covers temperature up to 2000 degree Celsius for pressure < 50 MPa
6. IAPWS IF97 formulations have been closely followed
7. Extensive verifications have been done before the release
8. Calculations can be done for
8.1. h, s, v, µ, λ as a function of p and t
8.2. t, s, v, µ, λ as functions of p and h
8.3. t, h, v, µ, λ as functions of p and s
8.4. t, h, s, µ, λ as functions of p and v
8.5. ts, h’, s’, v’, µ’, λ’ as functions of p < pc (22.064 MPa)
8.6. ts, h’’, s’’, v’’, µ’’, λ’’ as functions of p < pc (22.064 MPa)
8.7. ps, h’, s’, µ’, λ’ as functions of t < tc (=373.945 degree Cel)
8.8. ps, h’’, s’’, µ’’, λ’’ as functions of t < tc (=373.945 degree Cel)
8.9. Dryness Fraction x as a function of (p,s), (p,h) or (p,v)
8.10. h, s, v, µ, λ as functions of p and x
9. The application works with three systems on units, SI, Metric and Imperial
* caution may be exercised when the calculations are done close to the critical region

What's New

* Added Specific Internal Energy (u) and Speed of Sound (w) to the list of calculated properties
* Fixed calculations at two phase region 4 for p > 16.529MPa and t > 350 degree celsius
* Corrected region 5 calculations
* Use of backward equation T( p, h ) and T( p, s ) for Subregions 2a, 2b and 2c
* Use of backward equation T( p, h ) and T( p, s ) for Subregions 3a and 3b
* Bug fixes and Enhancements

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