STELLAR FOX - drawing puzzle APK

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Version1.37 (62)
UpdatedNov 10, 2019 (1 year ago)
CategoryGames, Puzzle

* Create mode UPDATE! *
'Create Mode' has been updated.
You can freely create and share levels in 'Create Mode'.

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Stellar Fox is a new kind of puzzle game which incorporates beauty, cleverness and creativity all into one game.
Help the baby fox get to its goal by utilizing various type of inks, and objects with different abilities. It won't be an easy but definitely fulfilling experience.


1. Creative Gameplay
There is no correct solution. Come up with your own creative solution to help the baby stellar fox reach it's goal.

2. Multiple Levels
Challenge 180 elaborately designed levels.

3. Beautiful 2D Graphics
Experience the story, as if in a fairy tale, with lyrical graphics.

4. Fantastic BGM
Calming and soothing music will help you emerse into the world of Stellar Fox.

5. Creation Mode
Create your own levels in our sandbox mode and share it with your friends!


STELLAR FOX requires the following permissions for optimal gameplay.

Permission to save necessary game data externally.


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us by sending an email to stellarfoxhelp@gmail.com.
Your opinions matter greatly to us.

Email: stellarfoxhelp@gmail.com

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