Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker-Pedometer APK

Walking app to track steps, weight loss and calories burned!

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UpdatedMay 17, 2019 (11 months ago)

Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker is an easy to use Pedometer to keep a track of your daily walking routine and a check on your weight. Lose fat easily and keep a track on the calories burned.

The app records your physical steps data during walking in real time and helps you lose weight, burn fat and build a slim and healthy body.

The app has a beautifully minimal layout and is easy to use. There is no need to launch the app in order to start using it. The smart pedometer will record the steps and distance walked, and calories burnt right in your pocket the moment you start taking steps.

📈Generate History Reports/Charts
- The distance, time and steps walked in different periods of the day and the corresponding calories burned are displayed in charts. Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts.

🦶Smart Steps Detection
- This app counts steps precisely by accurately distinguishing among walking, jogging, running and riding in different moving modes.

👣Convenient and Easy to use
- The app automatically detects step and will start record walking data in real time without requiring you to open the app. Feel free to use other apps or lock the phone, or even put your phone in pocket or bag.

🎖Unlock Achievements
- Unlock the daily achievement to win badges and share your walking achievements with friends.

📝Customized Settings
- Choose the unit of measurements for height and weight. Set and update step goals. Set the first day of the week in a weekly report.

👉 Important Points
- In order to display the correct number of burned calories, please enter your age, gender, weight and step length accurately. In order to display the correct distance and speed, please enter your step length and sensitivity accurately.

Email: dailygoals6@gmail.com

Latest Version

1.0.3 (1) May 17, 2019
Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker-Pedometer