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AppsSTi World™ International Calls APK
DeveloperCeretel Inc.
Version1.1.2 (112)
UpdatedDec 07, 2019 (4 months ago)
Release dateSep 17, 2019 (6 months ago)

High-quality international calling at low rates. Pay with cash, PayPal and more!

Your calls are important and you deserve premium quality, low rates and reliable service. The STi brand has served tens of millions of customers and STi World now offers high-quality calls in an easy-to-use app at the lowest rates available.

STi World Offers the Best International Calling
STi World provides premium quality calls using your cellular service, but at the lowest rates in the marketplace. Don’t call overseas with your regular mobile plan. Use the STi World app to make your international calls and save big! See the comparison example below to see how STi World rates are the best.

How Does It Work?
STi World works like a typical calling card, which is the preferred method of calling for millions of people making international calls. But unlike a calling card, there are no PINs, you can call from your contacts or favorites, and you can manage your account from your smartphone. Plus, you receive the lowest per-minute rates in the market! For some destinations, you may also pay a disconnect fee. This fee helps keep the per-minute rates low. So the longer you talk, the more you save! That’s why people who need to make longer calls prefer calling cards and will prefer the STi World app over the competition. See the comparison example below.

Add balance to your STi World account with many methods of payment, including cash! To pay with cash, just purchase a Google Play gift card at any convenience store, or purchase a paper STi World card at an international convenience store, and you can add the balance of that card right to your app for international calling. And of course, STi World also accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and others.

More About the Fees
The competition will tell you they don’t have hidden fees. Neither does STi World. You can see all the rates and the fees in the app for any destination. But we have better rates than the competition and a more flexible way to manage your international calling budget and add balance to your account.

So what are these fees? Some destinations have a disconnect fee based on the length of the call. When you make a call, after you hang up, a disconnect fee could be applied. Your per-minute rates are very low, so even adding the disconnect fee means the cost of your call is still low. See the comparison example below that shows why this method of pricing is to your advantage.

There is also an inactivity fee that is assessed on your account after a period of time without using the service (there is no inactivity fee if you are making calls during that time). This is a typical fee for apps and calling cards and other types of accounts with a stored balance. The purpose of the fee is to prevent the accumulation of unused balances for customers that no longer make international calls.

Do the math with STi World rates versus the competition and you will see the benefit of our pricing approach. Check the rates for calling to Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, Eritrea, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Brazil, Iran, Ghana, Colombia and anywhere else.

An Example of Why You Should Choose STi World
At the time this was written, a large competitor offers calls to Guatemala Cellular at 15.5 cents per minute with no disconnect fee. If you talk for 30 minutes, you would pay $4.65 for the call. STi World offers calls to Guatemala Cellular at 10.25 cents per minute with a disconnect fee of 50 cents for calls over 5 minutes. That same 30-minute call with STi World is $3.58. That’s a savings of over $1 for a 30-minute call!

And the calls are high quality! STi World does not use low-grade routes for its calls. We demand the best from our partners overseas and we provide that high-quality calling to you because we know your calls matter!

Download STi World now and try it for free. We know you’ll love it!

STi World™ International Calls APK