Description: Stickman Fight: Shadow War APK

Version1.5 (7)
UpdatedMay 08, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateMay 07, 2019 (11 months ago)
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DeveloperTree 2 Studio
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Stickman Fight: Shadow War is an interactive action role-playing game

Stickman Fight: Shadow War is an interactive action role-playing game, is great combining between fighting game and interactive game. The diversity of characteristic system such as Stickman, Ninja, Knights, Darts, Archery ... will bring you to the world of fantastic adventure. Like the other fighting games, you will face many zombie monsters and powerful opponents. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to show off your reflex skills every moment of entertainment anywhere. You must be as fast as possible. Are you ready to conquer this cool game? With each adventure, you will play the stickman and ninja in the journey to conquer the dark world where full of swords, weapons, skills and unique skin. Be ready for the most exciting game: Stickman War is known as the youngest and most talented leader in the stickman revenge army. With brave and strong fighting power, Stickman War has led his army to protect successfully Stickman Rope like a water fall of flood which beaten everything on the way, until one day the water fall
was blocked by an ambush of the Ninja Shadow.Taking advantage of Stickman War soldiers who have been tired because of fighting for a long time
and a large disparity in numbers of soldiers additionally, Monkey King has crushed the King of War into pieces; Stickman Legend is captured as prisoner. The life of the stingers is threatened by the brutality of the Monkey King. Living in the fear and anxiety that the stickman are divided into two opposed sides. noe side wants to agree with the monkey king, one wants to fight to protect the village to the end. The sacred village of the stickman hides the power of the world superstitious. Hiding in the endless jungle! The village has been the stickman warriors: Stickman Revenge, Stickman Rope, ... protected for thousands of years. Stickman Ghost 2 who is son of the leader of the last stickman stood up to fight with endless monkey, stickmans…
You will play one of the five sons of the last captain to fight the red-eyed stickman, the snake, the monkey, the dark monster, zombies. You must fight to upgrade yourself to have powerful weapons that the shaman of the village blessed in the full moon night: sticks, swords, spears, scythe, darts.... are the weapons you will be armed with.
How to play:
+ You will touch on the punch button of the 2 side of the board to knock the stickman, the bat, the monkey, the zombies
+ When you skip, you have to wait to get back
+ When you match, you will get "Perfect": Collect all 4 perfect you can perform the perfect skill, is the red lion in the lava
+ You will need to add supporting skills: heal, shill, immortal shield, slow, freeze time, armor boost
+ You have to try to get 3 stars to get the most money to buy more powerful characters ...
+ Bosses are very powerful
+ You need to fight both two sides if you don’t want to lose
+ Simple graphics, creative, harmonious colors, ...
+ Lively, realistic sound to create real sense when playing
+ Simple interface, easy to use