Unleash Your Inner Shinobi: The Ultimate Guide to Stickman Ninja Fighting


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Aug 7, 2023

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Stickman Ninja Fight GAME

Stickman Ninja Fight - Top fighting ninja game on mobile.

🌟 Are you a fan of action role-playing games? Do you like Ninja stickman games? Welcome to Stickman Ninja Fight!!

🔥 Twelve years ago, the Nine-Tailed Fox attacked Leaves, destroying much of the village and taking countless lives. Leaves leader - the Fourth Hokagee sacrificed himself to seal the Nine-Tails into the body of an infant that is also his son using forbidden magic.

🔥 Taruno grew up in solitude, and lack parental love, and was rejected by the villagers for fear that one day when the seal could not bind the Nine-Tails, Taruno would become a slow-exploding bomb that would destroy the village. However, he still lives very strong and proves to the villagers who he is, not the monster's shadow from the past.

🔥 Help Taruno and his teammates train, destroy evil Ninja and protect Leaves by choosing your favorite Ninja and fighting. Each Shinobi represents a different fighting style and special move.

🔥 Through the lands and villages, the enemies will become more and more fierce and you must upgrade the strength of your ninja army. With addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and engaging sounds, you will be immersed in the intense, brutal battles of the fiercest ninjas.

🔥 Stickman Ninja Fight inspired by "Ninja style" promises to make the most attractive games in this genre.
Enter the world of shinobi, train and fight, become the hokage to protect your village, your loved ones.
Exciting story mode, which will bring you back to the memory of the famous manga about the beautiful world of ninja and ninjutsu.
Free battle mode fight with strong opponents you want.
Tournament mode, with powerful S-rank ninjas, become the strongest out of 32 participants.

◎4 Game modes: Versus mode, Story mode, Tournament mode and Training mode
◎over 100 stickman fighter characters ninja styles.
◎Has the most basic control ever !

◎KI Blast, Power, Attach, Move, Dash, Block, Tranform

Download Stickman Ninja Fight game for free and protect your earth and universe from the big villains now.

◎e-mail: mrtopstudiogame@gmail.com
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