Stone simulator 2017 APK

Find out what it feels like to be a rock on a mountainside

UpdatedJun 28, 2017 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

Stone Simulator 2017 is an odd game that – as you may have guessed from the title – lets you play at being a stone.

When you start playing Stone Simulator 2017, a mountain landscape appears on your screen. You'll find yourself looking out from the perspective of a rock on the side of the mountain, seeing a few trees, the sun, and the grass swaying. Your view covers just a small strip of this landscape, and you can even try to see a bit more by turning very slightly (though this only adds one or two more millimeters to your range of vision).

In other words, the gameplay in Stone Simulator 2017 is practically nonexistent, as all you can do is everything that an actual stone can do: just be. You can observe the portion of the setting that your visual perspective allows, and not much else. Still, though the game might seem a bit meh, it can actually be quite relaxing to just watch the plants sway. Of course, you could always just leave your house and see real ones doing the same thing.

Stone Simulator 2017 is a pretty uninteresting game where you can simulate being a stone.

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