Stones of Deception APK

Use the Wrecking Balls to stop the Stones from making their evil ends meet.

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UpdatedNov 29, 2015 (5 years ago)
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The name of the game is Stones of Deception or you can say that Deception is the name of the game. Don't get deceived by their deceptive look as you are bound to be proven wrong with the turn of the clock given their explosive nature. Wreck them whenever you get the chance. Do it in time before they turn into weapons of mass destruction on coming together. You have to break the stones and their singular minded devotion to reprisal as it can be filled with the spirit of vengeance & bring havoc on world peace. Stop the Red and Blue Stones of Deception from coming together as they have the capacity to become World Dominators. They are deceptive in nature and can prove to be the catalyst of doom.

A unique twist to the traditional Breakout games, without the paddle, these bubbly pebbles are full of deceit and lies. The outrageous nature of the game is brought along by the Wreck blob. They are highly focussed in achieving their objectives. Don't be mislead by the innocent looks of the Mirror blob as they are more than handful when used to break the stones. Use them strategically to deceive your enemy & bring havoc on the feared Stones of Deception and stop them from going mad. To stop them from becoming world dominators, you have help with you in the form of bombs and rockets. They are awesome in bringing justice on the damned. Fun gameplay which has lot of twists ingrained within as a result of the duality of the gameplay, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. The game has its moments where it gives you a feel of the arcade games.

The reprisal lead by the pebbles are filled with elements of duality. Their bubbly natured form should not be mistaken for weakness. The torpedo are outstanding in bringing the destruction whereas the pebble shaped stones are filled with the spirit of vengeance. Behind the extreme demolition, acting as a catalyst are the blobs with their explosive nature. You are the only one who can make things right. Shatter and blast the evil plans of the Stones of Deception and stop their reprisal before it reaches extreme levels. To help you along the way and to stop the deceit and lies, are your Wreck & Mirror blobs along with the bombs and rockets.

The game is filled with surprises at every turn:

1. A novel approach to the traditional Breakout games where you control the Wreck and Mirror blobs, together working as a catalyst to stop the evil stones.
2. At the right turn, turn the weak Mirror blob into a Weapon of Mass Destruction, resulting in an explosive turn of events, using the bombs and rockets at your command.
3. Teleport the stones to strategic deceptive locations to wreck the most havoc in the shortest possible time and stop the stones from going mad.
4. And if you think that the blobs are not enough, you have at your disposable powers to save you from even the most hopeless of situations.
5. The game has explosive powers in the form of the bombs and rockets.
6. The game has different type of missions ranging from the simple to the outrageous nature, providing the player with multiple challenges throughout his singular minded quest to become one of its best players. To start with, the game has 200 deceptively good missions where you have to bring havoc with many more to come.
7. The game reminds you of the arcade games of the old.

Coming soon to your Android Tablets and Phones, this free to play game, without in-app purchases is bound to capture your imagination with its engrossing fun filled gameplay. Stop the reprisal.

Email: frolicodegames2014@gmail.com

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