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Stop Dog Meat APK

Stop China Yulin Dog Meat Festival Experiment

China Yulin Dog Meat Festival Experiment breaks every dog and animal lovers’ heart, dogs are loyal friends to human, we must stop this NOW.

Many people around the world would like to help but they don’t know what to do except money donation. Now here is your chance to help: we are asking you to join us, meditate together globally and send energy to awaken humans’ empathy and equanimity and stop this Dog Meat Festival.

This will be an experiment, from 15 Jun – 30 Jun. We expect there will be 100,000 participants. It will be more effective if more people can join. Please share and tell someone about this experiment, we need more people's conciseness to make this work.

Please at least try or do something.

The quantum level can affect the physical world, while the physical world is controlled by money and material.

To stop this cruel business, one must use something more powerful than money. Something that beyond physical world – the "energy."

People who have formally trained with sitting meditation should have had experienced the awareness of conscious energy. People who have never been exposed to or are not familiar with this field may feel that these are supernatural or unreal things due to the influence of mainstream science and traditional education. We can definitely tell you that consciousness energy is not a supernatural thing. It is proven and supported with scientific and experimental evidence:

Research to collective meditation - The violent crime in Washington declined rapidly in 1993:
According to a collective meditation experiment conducted in Washington, D.C. in 1993, the violent crime broke out of a continuous rising trend during the research period, and declined by 23.3% instead.

Thoughts Can Change Reality - Quantum Double-Slit Experiment:
In the double-slit experiment, it was found that the electron itself is both a particle and a wave. The result of this experiment shows that our consciousness can really change the reality. If humans’ consciousness can be united and treated correctly, then the mainstream values of the entire world would surely change.

Global Human Consciousness Detection Program - Meaningful Associations with Random Data:
Subtle interactions created by coherent consciousness in the world connect each one of us. Researchers of Global Awareness Project had begun to build Random Number Generators (RNGs) network around the world since August 1998.

Consciousness Can Change The Structure of Water, Water Can Receive and Reflect The Harmony Around:
Positive energy consciousness can produce symmetrical, beautiful, flower-like and geometric patterns on ice crystals. While negative consciousness can produce asymmetrical, unlovely ice crystals.


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