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Stop smoking | Quit Smoking | Quit Tracker

1.1 · Mar 03, 2021

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Version1.1 (2)
UpdatedMar 03, 2021
DeveloperHasan Mayia
CategoryApps, Health & Fitness

Stop smoking | Quit Smoking | Quit Tracker app

Cigar app | Easy quit smoking app

“Quit Smoking App”is a free application that helps you quit your smoking habit.
It has a real-life quit smoking process, scientific research, saved money tracking, motivational badges, social sharing, rewards, penalties and many other features.
Everyone knows how bad a habit smoking is,however, we still smoke even after knowing how badly it’s affecting our health. We want you to stop smoking, “Quit Smoking App” is an idea coming from someone who used to be a smoker and successfully let this bad habit go. While going through this tough process, a lot of challenges were faced. We want to make the process of making your life smoke free easy and manageable on your fingertips through this simple app.

“Quit Smoking App” starts off by taking a note of the number of cigarettes you consume each day. It also asks you to provide your average sleeping time per day. Based on this provided information, it calculates the number of cigarettes you smoke in the time you’re awake. This information allows “Quit Smoking App” to provide you with equal interval countdowns between each time you smoke. As we know scientifically that you cannot quit your nicotine urge all of a sudden in a single day. Therefore “Quit Smoking App” has a mechanism to increase the countdown time so that you learn to control your urge. This learning process increases your ability to overcome yourself and limit your dependence on nicotine. Day by day this limit is increased and if you follow the process of “Quit Smoking App”, you’ll rewarded with badges and awards. You can share these awards and badges with your loved one’s on social media and make the process even more interesting with the encouragement of the people following you. Similarly, if you fail to follow the countdown, and end up smoking before the interval time is over, you’re given a penalty. Don’t worry as this penalty is not a big one, it is just a challenge that you’ve to complete and stay a strong believer that you’ll quit smoking. Until one day, “Quit Smoking App” will calculate that you’re smoke free for a specific span of time. This would be the day that you’ve achieved your objective and the goal of our efforts.

Features of “Quit Smoking App”
Calculate Your Smoke Free Time
“Quit Smoking App” allows you to calculate the time since your last smoke. The entire concept of this quit trackerapp is to increase your smoke-free time using a gamification approach to make the process easier, interesting and memorable for you.
Being in Coordination with other participants
“Quit Smoking App” gives its users an opportunity to send requests to other people in their contact list. Once added, a user can not only chat with other users, but they can also compete
with each other. Hence, we don’t only encourage users to quit smoking, but we also promote socializing through our chat option.
Track Money That You Saved
“Quit Smoking App” will keep a track of money that you saved while staying smoke free. It will calculate the number of cigarettes that you didn’t smoke and hence ended up saving a handsome amount of money. Apart from this, it also calculates the amount that you spend each day on smoking.
Award & Penalty System
“Quit Smoking App” will give you rewards if you meet the smoke interval targets. These rewards can be shared on social media. Apart from this, the app is designed to throw a penalty as a challenge your way if you do not meet the smoke free interval target. These penalties are healthy snacks or activities that would benefit your health along with keeping you busy and interested in the whole process to quit smoking.


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