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Tornadoes are often referred to as whirlpools or cyclones, although the word cyclone is used or called as a tornado. It is one of the most feared and admired natural disasters, pursued by the hunters of tornadoes all over the world. We have the best collection of live videos of storms and hurricanes with their devastating consequences. Hurricanes are usually produced anywhere in the world, however, it has been known to occur in all states of the United States more often, any day of the year, and at any time.

This application of storms and hurricanes contains:

* Learn how to prepare an emergency team for the family in case of blackouts or eviction due to typhoons
* We will take you from the ground to the sky
* It is generally believed that wind hurricane speeds can be as high as 300 mph in the most violent tornadoes
* Suddenly the heavy and dense clouds of storms accumulate and cover the clear blue sky

The thunderstorms and winds are nothing compared to the columns of air that turns violently demolishing everything in its path! Although it sounds horrible and terrifying, the sight of these huge vortices is truly fascinating!
You will love these documentaries of storms and hurricanes, as they are both scary and exciting! Witness the most violent scenes of storm and hurricane disasters, where people try to hide and flee from the devastating force of nature

Start chasing the hurricanes that are formed by the winds as a climatologist and climate change scientists, do not get too scared with the stormy weather and ride fast! Have you ever heard of famous tornadoes like Maria, Irma, José, Harvey or Katrina? Be one of these crazy scientists looking for dangerous big tornadoes from your phone, with the documentaries it contains.

Some are more powerful than the others, but they all represent the destructive power of nature! You will be impressed with amazing videos of "" powerful tornadoes "" that spin quickly across the country.
The calm blue sea becomes turbulent due to the strong winds that raise amazing waves and as they roll across the surface they make splendid foam.
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This app will mark the videos of amazing storms and frightening hurricanes that you've seen so you do not repeat them.

Thanks for downloading our free application of storms and hurricanes !!!

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