Adventure in an open world with many mysteries and puzzles


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Oct 13, 2023
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Strange Hill GAME

This is a third-person adventure thriller with an interactive environment and intriguing quests in an open world. Solve puzzles, uncover the secrets of the suspicious Dr. Wood and his assistant Gloria, who reside in Strange Hill City.

Your adventure begins in the unique town of Strange Hill, where you'll encounter distinctive creatures and the denizens of this enigmatic locale. Here, you'll discover numerous valuable and unique items to interact with. By undertaking tasks for the townspeople, you can delve deeper into their histories and destinies. You'll befriend a robot named Ben, and a hopper named Howard will become your companion. The game is filled with myriad puzzles and easter eggs — finding them all won't be easy, but their discovery will bring you immense pleasure and rewarding surprises.

You're set to unravel the mystery of your enigmatic neighbor — Dr. Wood. You'll familiarize yourself with hoppers, aid in resolving age-old conflicts among feuding clans, travel between worlds, and this is just a glimpse into a universe that continues to evolve daily.

The game will receive regular updates and extensions: each month, we'll introduce new enhancements, refining your experience and introducing fresh levels and mysteries.

This game is free to play, but some items and skills can be acquired with real money. These purchases can facilitate your journey and introduce new exhilarating elements.

Enjoy your time in Strange Hill!
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