Scary Neighbor is doing some Suspicious Things! Enter his home to Expose Him.


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Dec 9, 2017

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Strange Scary Neighbor 3D - Real Escape Games Free GAME

Welcome to Strange Scary Neighbor 3D - Real Escape Games Free

Do you know who your strange neighbor is? Let's see the secretive super scary neighbor.
There is a strange neighbor doing some suspicious things in his house. He is absolutely scary. You decide to enter your strange scary neighbor house. It is a grand survival game from the crazy scary neighbor house. You have to explore the strange and suspicious things, find strange scary neighbor suspicious activities in his house and make an escape plan before strange neighbor fat scary guy caught you. You are assigned the tasks to steal his favorite things, so sneak into the neighbor house. You play as a normal man who lives in his house but keep in mind you should hide from him. So you decided to find out what going on in strange neighbor house. So choose to enter into the house, but it’s no longer fun. You are the neighbor of suspicious strange scary neighbor, who is absolutely scary. Get inside and hide somewhere find the keys to unlock room and complete commissioned task before he caught you. That scary chap is super hungry!

You have the different task assigned. First of all, you have to enter your strange scary neighbor house secretly to complete the first mission. If you get caught, you are not done with the mission! There are a grave and a dead body in the crazy scary neighbor house. Dig the grave and you will get the key there for your next mission.

Because of some suspicious or black magic like map and even stranger event happening in your neighborhood, you decided to monitor and watch his activities. You have been monitoring your neighbor for a long time then suddenly something strange and scary came up and you decided to take things in your hand so can you survive?
Let’s try and enjoy!

Strange Scary Neighbor 3D - Real Escape Games Free Features:
• Mystery based mission, challenging levels
• High-Quality 3D Graphics
• Amazing Sounds
• Smooth and Easy Controls
• Interesting activities
• Direction map and Hints
• Addictive Gameplay
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