Strategilization V0: Expansion APK

Expand your civilization on Mobile. Alpha version to test empire basics

Version0.3.1 (2011)
UpdatedMay 18, 2017 (4 years ago)
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Strategilization is a mobile turn-based strategy where you develop your civilization: explore territory, use soft and military power to exterminate your enemies, expand your territory and exploit the surrounding terrain. The game's key idea is to let the player plan the strategy on the high level, and then let the people of your nation fulfill your plans, without the need to manually control every unit.

Game portal http://www.strategilization.com contains game news, art, media, and links to wiki and social resources

The game is in the development phase. Current version is aimed to test the initial civilization development: exploration, expansion, technology advance and territory exploitation.

To enter various control modes, select terrain tile, your city, or the rural region center, and then select what you are going to do. You can also select turn making mode: turn-based or real-time with pause. Turn informer is in the bottom-right screen corner.

What can you do in the game:
Select what map type you are going to play: landmass, water percentage and size
Found your first city
Give a name to your civilization and your cities
Found your rural region which will provide your cities with food
Expand your territory
Build camps on the surrounding territory, expanding your influence
Improve buildings in your cities and build new
Improve your rural regions by building fields, pastures, ports
Influence what ideas will your citizens follow. These ideas affect the activities of your citizens. The ideas can be "we must develop the outer territory", "we are happy to live in this city", "we must migrate somewhere" or "we must rebel against this country". The life conditions of your civilization's citizens affect the power which is aimed by the ideas. Besides, you and other nations can spend influence points to support or suppress the ideas in the nearby cities.
Found new cities. Depending on the happiness of your citizens, your new cities can become just new parts of your empire, your colonies or even independent countries.
Advance your knowledge. Depending on what your people do, and where they live, various technology branches are advanced automatically at different rate. The branches are: Production, Engineering, Humanitarian, Military, Maritime

Upcoming features:
Wars. The unitless wars engine was successfully tested in the pre-alpha. It was temporarily removed to focus on the core gameplay ballansing, but soon it will be restored in the game with slight modifications. The key idea is that your cities and camps spread military control points across surrounding hexes, and then you can direct them by drawing an attack arrow on the map. Your army then will follow your orders.

Rebellions. While now different parts of your and your rivals' empires can rebel and declare independence, one of the upcoming versions will have a game mode where the player will stay in the game even after all of your cities have been captured. You'll be able to playas a rebellion leader: spread ideas like "resistance" or "sabotage" across the cities where your influence remains, increase your rebellion strength, and, eventually, regain independence.

Written history. All what's happening to your civilization will be summarized as a wikipedia article from the future of your world. You'll be able to give names to major battles, geography objects, highlight important events. Then you'll be able to share the history of your country with your friends.

Save/load function. This is most requested function by the players and we fully understand it importance. It was postponed in the schedule, because first the core gameplay and the data structures had to be stabilized. But once all of the game objects are defined, this is the first-priority features to have.

Scenarios and custom maps.


What's New

Cells are beter reacheable via the water now

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