Enjoy an epic slasher game! The game to walk the path of the true samurai!


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Aug 31, 2023

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Straw Hat Samurai 2: Slasher GAME

Your nation requires your help! Will you become the hero and free your people? Raise your katana and fight for freedom!

The power of katana can be limitless, if it's in the hands of a true master samurai! Show your quick reaction and your martial arts and destroy hordes of enemies! Let all the occupants fall into the abyss as your blade goes through! You are the one to clear the way for the royal army so that the soldiers can reach and defend strategically relevant buildings.

- A unique atmosphere of the true quest
- Hand-drawn levels
- A full version of the game for free
- Stress-free timekiller

This game will become a favorite time-killer for all the fans of classic slasher games. Get epic combos and disappear from the battlefield to strike out of nowhere!

Let your enemies witness the fury of your sword!

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