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Norbu Stress Control is the first app that teaches the user to manage stress and emotions consciously, and trains the adaptive skills.

A difficult situation is such that only an active position helps one stay calm and confident, quickly adapt to the new circumstances and not feel broken inside. However, stress reduction apps generally use relaxing melodies and soothing meditations. Unfortunately, this technique of passive adaptation has only a short-term effect. It rarely helps us counter the challenges of daily life.

🏆 The Norbu team of doctors, specialists in yoga and meditation, and developers has developed the Mindfulness Based Stress Control (MBSC) technique. Over the course of a month, it helps you to become calmer and more confident as well as to develop the skill of active stress management. It's the best choice for anyone who's interested in self-development, mental wellness, breathing and meditation.

✨ Norbu app has two types of training - Quick Help and Challenge to develop stress tolerance. With easy instructions and voice guidance, Norbu's guide will tell you how to do the exercises.

Norbu app has trainings with easy instructions and voice guidance. Norbu's guide will tell you how to do the exercises.

The exercises are very simple. They consist of stress relief games, classical breathing exercises and meditation time. Anyone can do it. You can meditate and breathe with a guide or in silence.

🔥 The anti-stress exercises from Quick Help will help reduce anxious emotions in 2-4 minutes with relaxing games and breathing. They can be used in situations of anxious waiting, after quarrels or provocations in communication, and in sudden unpleasant situations. Quick Help also offers sleep meditation for those who have difficulty falling asleep. For each situation, Norbu has a suitable type of training.

🔥. Self-development is the purpose of the antistress Challenge. During the course of a month, you'll learn to manage stress more effectively. Simply perform a few small exercises - calming games, breathing and guided meditation - once or twice each day for 8-10 minutes. With regular exercise, after just a few days you'll start to better understand and manage your emotions. So, you'll feel more confident and calm in stressful situations. In the following days, these skills will be developed and strengthened.

Regular training can support you in cases of emotional burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome. It will help maintain your immunity despite prolonged stress, and you'll be able to cope with the feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

In the free version you can use basic exercises. The Premium version has exercises and challenges to develop your stress resistance in specific situations that occur in everyday life.

What's New

We have added in this release Quick Help in specific stress situations and Challenges to develop stress tolerance.
Stress tolerance test.
Breathing timer to relieve stress.
Relaxation through simple meditation.
Training the habit of being mindful.
Developing the skill of managing emotions in a stressful state.

Email: help@mynorbu.com

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