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Before starting your study sessions, you have to plan them. Set a place and a time, and don't skip sessions. This will help you reinforce the idea that you are capable of studying. You can know more about scheduling in the section "Scheduling your time" in the previous menu. 
Studying with a crowded desk will lead you to overstress and low efficiency. Instead, use a clean desk, only with the necessary in order to concentrate better. 
It's also very important to keep distractions away. If you have your mobile phone or computer near, your brain will automatically want to check them out every now and then. To avoid that, put your devices away from you.
It's important that you have everything that you need in your desk or study place. Plan what you will need in advance. If you are waking up every time because you forgot something, your brain will think that you are done studying. Note: Keep on mind that you will probably need to drink.
One important aspect of studying is that you have to make it a routine for it to work effectively. Routines usually take up to 21 days to form. Use your initial motivation to start sudying, and keep it up to 21 days. Tip: Don't start big if you are not used to study. Your first studying session could be of 30 minutes, and you can then start to increase this time.
There are three different learning styles: 
Auditory learners: Prefer to learn by listening. Try reading notes aloud and discussing them with other people.Visual learners: Prefer to learn by seeing. Try coloring your notes and drawing diagrams to help you.Tactile learners: Prefer to learn by doing. Try role playing or building models to revise.
It's important that you discover your learning style. This will make your tasks much easier.
You don't need to do all at once. Taking breaks it's important because your mind needs time to assimilate all the information. If you feel tired, try eating or drinking something with sugar, as the brain consumes lots of calories while thinking.
Studying with friends and asking each other questions is a great system to learn. Watch out! Choose your friends wisely. Hang out with someone with high grades!
Remembering why we are studying is important. For example, if you want to become a doctor, keep that in mind. This way, your motivation level will be higher than average and you will be able to keep going.
Now that you know the basics, go look to the studying techniques to make yourself a studying machine.

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