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A little azkars app is fundamental to recall Subhu sham ke zikers & translation

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Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar read the essential prayers for morning and evening from the alternation of time. Subhu sham ki duaen and the golden words of Allah ‘s blessing are to remember and revise again and again. My morning start is with the name of Allah Rabul Ezat in terms of morning supplications Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar. Suba o sham ke azkars are specifically compiled with the selection of some Surah and ayats from the Holy Quran.

The Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar are particular for morning time and there are some blessings of the surahs and words which have their effect for the beginning of the day. When you start your every new day with the bountiful remembrance of Allah, the Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar sunehri azkar consequently gives you in the strict protection of Allah, guards from the day sins and keeps us fresh till the arrival of dusk. With the evening supplications you will be in the shield protection from the Satan and the impact of sham ki duaen will remain throughout the night and the muslims will renew the God’s gift with the sprouting of day light.
The morning azkars are the day beginners to give a best start to your day. The evening regular reciting azkars are also specified in term of their usage and benefits Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar. Sham ko prhne ki duaen are like other daily supplications for reading and remembrance of Quranic ayats and Surahs.Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar to attain mercy of Allah for the day wickedness, read masnoon duaen and sham ke azkars. Subhu sham ki duaen are the copied version of paper duas.
Offline day revising supplications are android prayers for android users Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar. Beautiful Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar are packed in the appealing colours outline and well formed pages. The morning and evening prayers are free and cheap to use. The android Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar and duaen are pertaining an illegible writing pattern and errorless Arabic style Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar which is fully supportive for reciting and memorizing.
The HD prayers have completely understandable content for Muslim’s and specially for native Urdu speakers. All Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar are Urdu translation oriented which clearly state about the Allah’s commandments in sentence translation.
Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar Being easy and intuitive in usage, the azkars collection chose the best readable mode. Swipe with thumb to jump onto the next Android page. It will be carried to the distal places and will not ask to disturb your regular prayer practice. As it offline Subhu and sham ke azkars so internet approach is not compulsory.
“Duas can change the life”, the same ideology forced the developers to compile which was scattered at various pages. Morning and evening Subah Sham Ke Azkar-Masnoon Azkar supplications are fit to spend a good Day.
Features of morning and evening azkars
Beautiful duaen for a good day start
Morning and evening special azkars
Urdu translation and meanings
Correct prayers and zikrs

How to use
Phone installation is online but the reading is offline
Saved files for morning and evening azkars are there
Click and start your azkars recitation

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