Sugar Story APK

"Sugar Story" is a new action / arcade adventure for mobiles and tablets

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"Sugar Story" is a new action / arcade adventure for mobiles and tablets.
Story Mode:
Your main task is to lead Sugar Cube towards the place of his dreams – The Land of All Sweets. Escape the hostile environments by collecting various candy, and do not forget to grab all the keys tounlock the gates between levels. Try your best to avoid becoming the villain’s dessert!
Endless Mode:
Try to collect as many sweets as you can in the endless mode.
Main features:
★ 25 levels five episodes each.
★ 10 unique and charismatic villains.
★ 3D environment with quality music.
★ Sugar Story features an intelligent system, which creates environments unique to each player. By playing the game you are creating your very own unforgettable world every time you play!
★ Your time to play is limited? In the endless game mode, pick story theme you enjoy most and while collecting candy complete as many levels as you can.
Playing Sugar Story you will always find something new! This game never gets boring. Now, can you make Sugar Cube’s dream come true? Can you reach The Land of All Sweets?

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