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1.0.13 · Jun 15, 2021

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Latest Version

Version1.0.13 (13)
UpdatedJun 15, 2021
DeveloperRaven Media
CategoryGames, Strategy

Suicide Squad Vs Zombies game

Zombies are destroying the city!!!!

An evil force has researched and created a virus that turns people into brutal zombies and has no knowledge
They invade cities and kill
To restore peace and repel the zombie apocalypse, we need you to lead the suicide squad to join the wars.
In the suicide squad there will be 8 warriors equipped with different weapons and skills.
- Double Pistol uses 2 pistols, although the damage is weak and the rate of fire is normal, but with a cheap price, you can easily recruit a large number to overcome the first battles.
- Tanker: this warrior is equipped with a precious metal shield, with a strong physical strength, Tanker will be very suitable to lead the front line to prevent zombies' advance, reduce damage to teammates behind
- Sniper: is a marksman, equipped with a shotgun, slow fire rate, but high range and great damage

As for the enemy, according to our research, there are 8 types of Zombies with different characteristics such as speed, strength, and health.
- Normal Zombie: is a very basic zombie, low health, normal speed, but they are very crowded and aggressive
- Chef Zombie: is a slow speed zombie, but has a large amount of health and high damage
- Fireman Zombie: is a type of zombie that is not controlled by the Freeze skill, this type is difficult to stop their progress tiến
For more information about zombies, you can look in Library

In addition, you have 3 more special skills such as placing bombs, freezing, or dropping rockets to deal mass damage to enemies.
During the battle, you can upgrade the strength of the warriors with the stars received after the wars
Don't forget to receive rewards as stars and gems after completing quests in the Quest section
These valuable rewards will help you upgrade your warriors soon
Good luck


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