SumFun APK

Choose your animal friend to help you with your sums. See them dance for you.

Version1.2 (3)
UpdatedApr 01, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryApps, Education

Your animal friend helps you to see the meaning of the numbers and the sums - flick the number left or right to increase or decrease the number and you see that number of animal friends. Touch the button to check whether your answer is correct. After several correct answers your animal friend will dance for you. Different animals have different dances. Progress to the bubble-pop game.

No in-app purchases, no way to spend extra money, no invasions of privacy. The first time you use the app you will be asked to give your name, which will only be used in the app for occasions such as a 'well done' message.

The sums will be simple at the start but as you get more answers right they will get gradually harder. Eventually the animal dances will be replaced by the chance to play the bubble-pop game. How many can you pop?

Normally the first two numbers of the sum are given and you choose what you think is the right answer, but it is possible to do the whole sum manually: someone, maybe a parent or a friend, sets the first two numbers and then you give the answer. You can select this manual method in Settings (to to the menu on the first page, select Settings, Initial, Do my own sums).

Many other changes can be made in Settings, including changing the number of correct answers required to progress. By default after 5 correct answers your animal friend does a dance and after 3 dances you have the opportunity to make the sums a little harder. After the second level the animal dance is replaced by the bubble-pop game, but in Settings you can choose to have only dances or only games.

In version 2 changes in the level of difficulty are automatic. After the set number of correct answers (changeable in Settings) the difficulty level of sums will gradually increase, as later will the difficulty of the game. Alternately a number of consecutive wrong answers will cause the difficulty level to decrease.

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