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How to Choose Glasses

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How To Choose Glasses As Face Shape
Wearing glasses sometimes make our appearance so look older, can sometimes interfere with our appearance. To work around it you should be able to recognize it by recognizing the shape of your face, ladies, because each face shape has a frame glasses that fit. So do not let the wrong frame select glasses yes!

Fortunate ladies who have this type of face, because the color and shape of any glasses will fit you wrote aja used

The envy of this face shape is the forehead and wide cheeks, as well as the sharp corners of the chin. The most appropriate type of glasses is a round frame that has a thin metal material.

Ladies face shape is strictly prohibited pake type of glasses are round, glasses and face can be 'race'. The most ideal is the frame with a square or square shape that tapers at the top end. The frame is heavy and thick so as not to impress 'heavy' on your face.


This facial shape has a wide forehead features and corner of the face that shrink down to the chin. So this type is most suitable to use glasses with a wider frame at the bottom.

TIPS: Keep the eyebrows aligned with the top of the frame. For those who have a small head, try to avoid wearing glasses with large frames, and vice versa yes!

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