Super 400X Zoom Video Player - (Configurable RGB) APK

Zoom videos upto 400X. Pinch to zoom, Drag to Move/Reposition. Very easy to use.

VersionBadonguTech V25 (25)
UpdatedMar 15, 2019 (2 years ago)
CategoryApps, Video Players & Editors

★★★ Version 25 ★★★

Have you ever wished you could increase the size of your videos. This app lets you zoom in on your videos up to 400X (shows 1/400th section of a screen to full screen when fully zoomed). It's as simple as doing a Pinch Gesture to resize a video or a Swipe/Drag Gesture to re-position/center a video. You have total control of the size and position you want in real-time.

- Might be useful for investigators, intelligence services, security personnel, etc...
- For coaches, athletes, and sports fans, zoom in to review or study sports plays.
- For artists, when drawing your favorite characters, just pause, zoom, and re-position.
- For students, use this app to zoom in on recorded videos of notes, lectures, etc...
- For shop owners, you could use this app to review security footages.
- For employers, you could use this app to review work behavior of employees.
- For those who loves dancing, learn dance moves using mirrored video option.
- Great tool for watching and reviewing movies, tv series, and sports.
- Great for reviewing high quality footages taken from drones.

You could also get rid of unwanted black bands or station logos from the top and bottom of your videos, just reclaim that space by zooming in on your video.


★ Super Night Vision Emulation.
Easily detect tiny movements using this built-in feature.
★ Built-in Zoom Window
★ Super Fast. Hardware-accelerated rendering.
★ Change contrast, brightness, and Red/Green/Blue colors.
★ Slow Motion and Fast Forward feature (Marshmallow & above)
★ Super lightweight.
★ SRT subtitles support.
★ Multiple audio-tracks support.
★ Auto-resume
★ Mirrored video option. (Flip Video Horizontally)
★ Very easy to use.

What's New

- Increased the size of controls (Users request)
- Increased Slow Motion floor limit. (From 0.1 to 0.01)
- Increase sensitivity of single tap. (Users request)
- Renamed app to "Super Zoom 400X".
- Bug Fixes.

Email: badongutechsystems@gmail.com

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