Super Fast Charger Pro x5 APK

Super Fast Charger Pro x5 - The faster battery charging application for phones

DeveloperDevo App Inc
CategoryApps, Tools

Super Fast Charger x5 - Fast Battery Charging not only improve the speed of charging, but also enhance your battery life.


With just 1 click your phone will be optimized in many ways:

✓ Clean RAM - Turn off applications that are running in the background
✓ Reduce screen brightness to the lowest
✓ Turn off Wifi
✓ Turn off Bluetooth
✓ Turn off the screen rotation
✓ Show battery charge status

Feature list:

- Auto clear Ram and Optimize Battery Saver
- Automatically fast charging optimization: Ram booster, turn off wifi, turn off bluetooth, reduce screen brightness min....Can be customized in the settings.
- Show information Battery: temperature, voltage, model, battery health, battery technology, android version...
- Full battery alarm: Alert when battery is full
- Many custom interfaces: Dark theme, Light theme.
- Fast charging and quick charger 2019 for android
- Super Fast Charger - Fast Battery Charging is FREE forever

Email: devoappinc@gmail.com

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