Super Jelly Troopers APK

Super Jelly Troopers - Land all your tiny soldiers on the moving platforms!

Version1.5.5 (19)
UpdatedJun 04, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperPC Dreams Software
CategoryGames, Casual

TOP 50 finalist for "App of the year 2015, at slidedb.com"

Land all the tiny jelly troopers on the moving platforms, before the alarm goes off.
Master your platform landing skills

"Battle has probably never been so much casual and comic"

- Survive all the deadly booby traps, land the tiny troopers
- Escape innumerous and ingenious cartoon enemies
- Land your jelly platoon safely on the moving platforms
- Explore more than 24 amazing levels with lots of humor
- Battle against time to avoid alarm detection
- Think fast, be smart, react faster, tap even faster to move them
- Move your paratroopers, jump and use the reserve parachute if needed

How to play:
Tap really fast left or right to move them left/right
Tap the trooper or the parachute to jump/fall
Tap the reserve parachute to get a second chance

Through over 24 amazingly crafted levels, with an immersive an humorous atmosphere, the player´s mission is to successfully land all the tiny jelly paratroopers on enemy territory. Although it may look like a simple task, there are many ingenious booby traps and enemies spread all over the place that will make it a real pain. But you cannot land them everywhere either, they need to land on the safe platforms that never stop moving. In each mission you need to save a pre-determined minimum number of troopers, in a given time frame, in order to complete the level and avoid triggering the detection alarms. All you can do to achieve this is move the player/parachute left or right, release the trooper, and use a failsafe/reserve parachute whenever you have a miscalculation launch.

The story behind this casual adventure:
In the year of 2024 a giant meteor falls down on the wasted lands of Siberia. For almost an entire week the sky was involved by a dense curtain of smoke and ashes. Suddenly, the entire Earth´s population falls down into a mysterious deep sleep. When finally the civilization woke up from it, a all different era had began. Strange robotic drones ruled the 5 continents... Their unique ability to turn inanimate objects into dangerous weapons made them almost unbeatable... After 2 years of intense battles and losses, the world´s last hope relies on a specially trained force of elite soldiers... They know that many of them will not survive, still, they took the job that nobody wanted..

Oh, and.. the paratroopers are little jelly soldiers

Email: pcdreamssoftware@gmail.com

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