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User-Friendly Kanji Search Tool "Super Kanji Search Pro"

Version1.1.11 (27)
UpdatedNov 01, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperPersonal Media Corp.
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◇Product Overview

○You can intuitively/easily search kanji characters by the combination of component parts, reading and strokes.

○Thanks to a wealth of information on variant/related characters, you can quickly find out old character shapes, simplified characters, Chinese kanji or Korean kanji.

○Text input apps supporting Mushroom can call "Super Kanji Search Pro". You can input the searched kanji by "Super Kanji Search Pro" to these text input apps.

○To know the meaning or more information on the searched kanji by "Super Kanji Search Pro", you can search the information from online dictionaries on the Internet.

○You can check the character shape of the searched kanji by magnifying the character in full screen. Also, you can share the magnified character with other Android apps as the character or the image, and attach the character to an e-mail.

○Because the paid version "Super Kanji Search Pro" does not show ads, you can use this app at ease for business or child education.

General smartphones or PCs can handle around 20000 kanji characters. These characters are just a part of kanji characters in Unicode 3.2, a character code standard. The compilation of Japanese kanji, "Daikanwa Dictionary" includes about 50000 kanji characters. Additionally, there is a large number of variant characters and kanji for names, not included in Daikanwa Dictionary. It is said that the total number of Japanese kanji is more than 100000 characters.

The kanji database of Super Kanji Search includes the information on 170000 characters. These characters mainly consist of JIS kanji (level 1 to 4), JIS supplementary kanji, Kanji in GT font (approx. 78000 characters), Kanji in Daikanwa Dictionary, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, including variant characters. You can search kanji characters by the combination of reading and strokes as well as parts of kanji and info on variant/related characters. So, you can easily search the hard-to-read kanji or unfamiliar variant characters.

In order to make this app size lighter, the kanji database and font files are stored on the dedicated server, and the needed information are retrieved from the server each time. Of course, you can check the searched character on the screen. Additionally, the following functions are available. You can share the searched character with other Android apps as the character or the image. You can attach the searched character to an e-mail. You can search the character using other search apps or online dictionaries. Because this app supports Mushroom, you can use this app as a text input app (Input Method Editor).

・The kanji database and font files for this app are stored on the dedicated server in order to make the app size lighter. Thus, this app needs to be connected to the Internet, while the app is running. This app cannot run offline.
・We do not ensure the continuity of the server operation for this app. Due to circumstances of Personal Media Corporation or the server management company, the server may be compelled to stop the operation without prior notice. Please note that you may not be able to use this app if the server is stopped.

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What's New

Ver 1.1.11 (November 2, 2018)
- Rebuild with Android Studio 3.2 SDK

Ver 1.1.10 (July 31st, 2013)
- Changed to notify the status bar when "Chokanji magazine" has been updated. (Android 2.x or 4.x)

Ver 1.1.9 (July 17th, 2013)
- Changed the menu item of Kanji Search Screen.

Ver 1.1.8 (May 23rd, 2013)
- Parts List of Auxiliary Pallet appears when the app starts.

Email: ckk-android@personal-media.co.jp

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