Super Rummy - Online & Multiplayer APK

This game is a fast rummy game played with tiles, not cards.

Version10.5 (92)
UpdatedOct 18, 2020 (1 week ago)
DeveloperFBE Games
CategoryGames, Board

The most different feature of this rummy game from other rummy and 101 games is that it supports placing tiles with more than one finger at the same time. This feature provides convenience for players while laying tiles.

Each player is given 15 seconds to grab and throw rummy tiles. If the player does not play within this time, the system automatically plays. This way, other online players do not get bored while waiting and other players' games are not interrupted.

Super Rummy, which has been providing gaming experience to users since 2014, is indispensable for many real and online rummy players.

Super Rummy is a board game for 4 players. You must sort the tiles according to the rules of the game. The player who sorts the fastest the tiles wins the game. There are totally 106 tiles. Tiles are numbered from 1 to 13 and colored four distinct colors (red, yellow, black and green). There are two pieces from each number. There are also 2 Fake Jokers.

You can access detailed information about how the game is played from the how to play page after downloading the game.

Email: supercengel@gmail.com

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