Super Snail is an extremely funny free time game.


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Apr 26, 2024

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Super Snail-Ốc Sên Siêu Việt GAME

The super fun Idle RPG game has been released, this is not only a game but also a comedy. In the game, the player plays the role of a small and weak Snail, through constant evolution, gradually becoming stronger, eventually destroying eight Demon Gods everywhere, becoming the strongest creature that saved the world. this world.

Game features:
[Easy automatic hang-up entertainment game]
1. is an auto-hanging RPG game, through automatic combat to overcome exploration dungeons and collect resources.
2. Simple and easy gameplay, one-handed operation can complete all tasks, the other hand can freely do other things.
3. Interesting story so you can enjoy fun at any time.

[Collect items, develop characters]
1. You can collect more than 700 different treasures, classified into culture, art, belief, technology, famous etc., each type of treasure has its own unique properties.
2. After continuous evolution, you can freely transform into different forms, such as Zombie, Angel, Devil, Variant, Machine, etc.
3. Find friendship, unlock new storylines and use cloning equipment to produce different types of soldiers to fight the invasion of the Demon God army.

[Rich color eggs]
1. In the game all kinds of interesting colored eggs are hidden, discover all kinds of unique treasures, each with its own unique story.
2. Occasionally there will be strange guests who bring gifts, don't be too cold towards them.
3. The game is filled with colored eggs and various mini games, like 2048, City Puzzle, Tetris, etc.

[Unimaginable copy]
1.Divided into regions of eight different countries, each country has unique gameplay such as getting plastic surgery in , or learning ninjutsu and swordsmanship in , or participating into the civil war in etc.
2. Each dungeon has its own unique character and gameplay, ensuring each exploration is fresh.
3. Each country has different exploration and combat modes that will surprise you·

Many random events, always surprising you, can sometimes be a bit strange.



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