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A Super Toolbox improve phone's performance and manage your phone efficiently.

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Version0.0.5 (5)
UpdatedMay 29, 2019 (10 months ago)

A Super Toolbox is the best android assistant.Help you to manage your phone easily and efficiently.If you have "Super ToolBox", you don't need to wonder in the market anymore.
"Super Toolbox" will help you anytime you want.
"Super Toolbox”is a very handy and beautiful measurement tool. It turns your smart device into a "Swiss Army Knife" that meets your various measurement needs.

► App Manager - Uninstall, backup & share apps.
► Low Space Needed to Install.
► Advanced Monitoring System.
► Quick settings: fast access to system settings

Currently, there are 10 + flashlight tools in this set of tools:
-1. Flashlight
Intelligent fast lighting, Optimized lighting algorithm.
A beautifully crafted compass for navigation, travel and direction reference.
A beautifully designed app that provides simple and advanced math calculations.
-4.hanging painting
Used to measure whether the object is horizontal (vertical). By simply aligning the contour of the measurement object with the horizontal (vertical) line, it can be determined whether the object is horizontal (vertical).
-5. ruler
Two free and automatic measuring jaws are available to help you align, and you can switch between cm and inches.
-6. Compass
Provide accurate coordinates no matter where you are.
-7. noise test
Measure sound decibels in any environment, whether you are indoors, factory or outdoors.
-8. protractor
Accurate measurement of angles with a mobile phone camera for easy operation
-9. level meter
By simply placing your phone on the surface, you can accurately measure even a 1 degree tilt of the surface.
-10. height test
Just enter your height and tap twice on the bottom and top of the measurement object to measure the height of any object on the same level as you.


Latest Version

0.0.5 (5) May 29, 2019
armeabi-v7a, x86, ...May 29, 2019
Android TV, Tablet, ...May 29, 2019
Super Toolbox - Practicality & Security & Smartly