Super hero girl come into city for revenge of super hero boy.

Fight aliens and huge army of intergalactic enemies along with your superhero friend. The flying superhero team is ready to save the day again.
UFOs are descending and alien spaceships are landing and crashing into tall buildings causing chaos and destruction. There is chaos everywhere and innocent people are being killed. The world is in desperate need of a superhero. Aliens have attacked throughout the city. Listen to your command and go to missions and complete missions to save the day. Play as an amazing flying super hero boy and superhero girl, kill aliens in alien war. Cover the whole city and kill aliens one by one from one place to all places in the city. Fight aliens and kill aliens. Fly to the mission destination and shoot laser beams of heat at the enemies. Kill many aliens and put them on fire using laser beam from your eyes. Enjoy thrilling battle combat with aliens and fight off multiple aliens at once. Turns the tables on aliens in this epic battle with aliens and enjoy the thrilling graphics with amazing simulation of everyone’s flying superhero boy and super hero girl. Superboy Revenge: Super Girl Hero comes with action packed missions and challenges.
In the Superboy Revenge: Super Girl Hero you have to wear a cape and play role of a flying super boy or a super girl who can fly in the sky and between the tall building; the super hero boy has immense strength of body and can shoot laser beam heat from the eyes. Use laser to burn your enemies to ash. Play as the fantastic superhero in the very awesome and latest superhero simulator. Fly like a super hero boy in the superhero simulator and fight aliens in the fantastic battle of alien’s war.
People are hiding at different places in the cities. They are afraid of being killed by the aliens. Protect the people and declare the area safe after killing all aliens from a certain area. Aliens are killing humans at places around the city. Protect your city and the people of the city from being tortured, murdered and caught in random acts of alien attack aftermath. Protect the people from alien invasion and kill alien enemies as a powerful superhero in Superboy Revenge: Super Girl Hero. Download for free.
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